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16 - 17. December 2023

Unlock Your Potential at Road to START Hack: START Munich's Premier Hackathon!
Dive into the world of smart cities and unleash your creativity in a thrilling hackathon experience! Whether you're a coder, a strategist, or a visionary, Road to START Hack is your playground to innovate, collaborate, and shine.

Application Deadline: December 13th

Why should I attend?


Tackle Real-World Challenges: Collaborate with a diverse team to devise groundbreaking solutions for smart city challenges.

Learn and Grow: Gain invaluable skills and insights from some of Munich's leading tech companies and dynamic startups.

Showcase Your Talent: Prove your prowess in programming and problem-solving in a competitive yet supportive environment.

Network and Connect: Rub shoulders with industry experts and like-minded innovators.

Win and Excel: Triumph as a team and earn a guaranteed spot at one of Europe's largest hackathons in St. Gallen

For Everyone: No matter your background, this is your chance to step into the limelight of entrepreneurship.

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