Read on to find out how you can join our community

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Our application phase is open until the 5th of May 2023.


What awaits you:

  • A network of talented members and potential co-founders
  • Direct encounters and insights into the most successful startups in Germany
  • Contacts to investors, mentors, startups, speakers and industry experts
  • Access to our international START  Network with partner chapters such as START St. Gallen, START Barcelona or START Berlin
  • An extensive network of partners and alumni to provide you with the right contact for any startup topic

Admission criteria:

  • You are in university or doing an apprenticeship
  • You have a burning passion for entrepreneurship
  • You want to get in contact with prospective co-founders
  • You commit to being an active member of our community
  • You commit to joining one of our departments for at least your 1st semester

Does all of this interest you? Do you think you can commit to being an active member of our community? If the answer is "yes", then click on the button APPLY NOW to be part of our new summer batch.


1. What departments do you have?
Partnerships & Events:
- secures funding from external partners and organizes events with other players in the startup ecosystem

- organizes all internal event for the START Community, from parties, to Startup visits, to field trips

Human Resources:
- recruits and onboards 25 new STARTies each semester

Operations & Growth:
- ensures that all legal, financial and administrative operations and processes run smoothly

Marketing & Branding:
- establishes a strong Brand by curating content creation and promoting START Munich

2. Is there any membership fee?
Yes, our membership fee is 20€ per semester.

3. How many members do you have?
More than 200 active members and plenty of alumni.

4. How many events do you have per semester?
Next semester we have more than 16 major events and 18 minor events. But there is always the possibility to meet fellow STARTies for a coffee.

5. I haven’t found an idea of what to start yet, is this a problem?
Not at all! We know it is hard to come up with the right idea on which you are passionate about making it real. We just expect an entrepreneurial spirit and want to see ambitions to found a startup at some point.

6. Is it mandatory to join the events or be active in a department?
Yes, we all just benefit from START Munich if everybody is active. That is why it is mandatory to join a department in the first semester and we expect you to visit as many events as possible. It is a win-win situation if every member of START is active. Of course, there are some exceptions, e.g. if you are in the middle of founding a startup.

7. My German is not good, is that a problem?
We are a diverse club with members from all over the world. That is why our main language is English. But we are always happy to help you to improve your German skills :)

8. What does the application process look like?
The current process of recruiting is simple with 2 steps. The first step of the recruiting is the written application phase, where each candidate has to fill out a set of questions on Typeform. After initial screening of written applications, the selected candidates move on for a face-to-face interview with START members. After the final round of interviews, the candidates who make the cut, are invited to join our community (as simple as that). Please do make sure to check your spam folder, just in case you didn't hear back from us.

9. What kind of study do I have to do to join START Munich?
Any kind of study is right to join START Munich!

10. How much time do I have to spend for START Munich?
There is no fixed time commitment. We like to speak of "meaningful contribution". We are only as strong as our member's commitment, and it is important that each member do their part to bring START one step forward. If you can do so in 30 minutes a week, great! In general, the more time you spend within the community, the greater the benefit will be for you.

Any questions unanswered? We are happy to answer them! Just contact us via